Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live – Glow Party at Thompson Boling Arena

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live - Glow Party Tickets

Thompson Boling Arena | Knoxville, Tennessee

Kick your browsers into top-gear and order your tickets to see the upcoming race on Sunday 8th January 2023 at Thompson Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee. This one-day-only event brings many of the competitive racing’s best motor athletes together for competition that will make your head spin! From the start of the race, crowds of fans like you will get to experience the spectacular race as these powerful cars and their courageous drivers hit the tracks with gusto. They’ll speed down the straightaways hoping to close the gaps. They’ll nail the hairpin turns and daring turns hoping to shave seconds on their match times. And you’ll never believe who wins the dub as they rush into the finish line. It’s anyone’s guess whether talented rookies can manage to beat seasoned drivers on this thrilling Sunday afternoon of hi-speed action. True fans will be glued to their seats in this “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” experience. And the best motor sports fans will have the time of their lives as they see this incredible driving event! Just imagine hearing the roar of the engines and you’ll know why THIS is the can’t miss event of 2023! And let’s not forget that Thompson Boling Arena has a history of stunning races and record-breaking times! But you’ll miss out if you don’t show up! Tickets are on sale now! Make sure you don’t lose this chance and click the button to book your tickets while supplies last!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live - Glow Party at Thompson Boling Arena

Do you want to see the speediest race car action in town? Then make sure you visit Thompson Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee for Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live – Glow Party and all upcoming speedway events! This impressive race track is the total experience when it comes to having that unmatched race day event. That means that you and thousands of the best fans can sit back and enjoy your choice of food and merch from the biggest selection of vendors around. It also means being able to kick back during the race in the most comfortable speedway seating on their side of town. And let’s not forget the amazing staff who will make you feel like an A-list celeb while tending to your needs. But that’s not all! Because Thompson Boling Arena also features one of the best race tracks anywhere near Tennessee. Just imagine being able to watch the world’s leading racers tackle the tightest hairpin turns. Or thrill as they attempt daring passes on smooth sweepers. And try not to blink or you’ll miss the blistering speeds that can only be found on the Thompson Boling Arena straightaways. It’s the track where champions are forged and where incredible photo finishes are just about guaranteed. So make sure you click the link and order tickets to Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live – Glow Party and other race day events at Thompson Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live - Glow Party at Thompson Boling Arena

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